(Updated 7/15/2018)

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Order Inquiry and Contact Information
Accepted Forms of Payment
Competitive Pricing Service
Order Processing Email Notifications and Tracking
Shipping Information
Pre-Order Item Information

Technical Support
Return and Exchange policy

Software System Requirements
Privacy and Security Information
Special Ordering
Customer Relations

Order inquiry and contact information
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Company Information:
Naval Warfare Simulations / NWS Wargaming Store
Online Store:  http://www.nwswargaming.net
Website: http://www.navalwarfare.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nws.wargaming.store/

Accepted Forms of Payment
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We accept credit and debit cards including; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal, E-Checks via PayPal. All payments must be received before any order is shipped and in US dollars currency.

Competitive Pricing Service
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We will attempt to match or beat any lower advertised price+shipping!

* We will attempt to match or possibly beat any lower item(s) cost+shipping competitor.
* The
competing source must have the item ready to ship if the item is available by the publisher.
* We will also attempt to compete with pre-order items whenever possible.
* Please provide a link and your shipping location for calculating competing totals.
* This service includes any competitor rewards, shipping specials, coupons, etc..

Order Processing Email Notifications and Tracking
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The online store will email a transaction record. When the item(s) are shipped another email will be sent via our postage software with a delivery confirmation tracking number for domestic orders or direct email indicating date of product being shipped out with package and/or custom form label numbers for international orders. Note: Some email address servers may not work well with our online terminal or store email server. If for some reason you do not get a notification please contact us at the contact information shown above for an order inquiry and you will receive a response within 24 hours. 

Shipping Information
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Order processing and packaging time frames:
Note: Business days = Monday-Friday excluding holidays and weekends.
* Normal order processing time frame: Usually 1-3 business days depending on the title, publisher, etc..
* Restock items or special orders: Approximately ~5-7 business days.
* Order processing will start on the following business day for orders placed after about 3pm EST.
* Please contact us in advance of ordering regarding estimated shipping time frames if there are any questions or if a shipment is required by a specific time frame.

* Notice: Please note any special requests for faster delivery or specific delivery time frames in the comments box at checkout.

* To check the estimated shipping rates for an order: Add items to your shopping cart, at checkout enter your address, next select a shipping method, and then hit “apply”.
* Combined shipping is automatically calculated. Multiple item orders can help save around ~50-75%+ or more in shipping costs for each item.

Shipping and Processing:
* Estimated shipping rates include the cost to ship, insurance/packaging, and processing (PayPal/Credit or Debit Card fees).
* No attempt is made to profit on shipping rates and every shipping charge is double checked for accuracy at time of packaging.
* Digital download items are not charged for shipping.
* Shipping notifications are automatically emailed for all orders. Note, these notifications may show up in Email spam boxes.
* Split orders, or orders mixed with pre-order titles, may require additional shipping if separate shipments are requested.
* All USA shipments are sent using either the US Postal Service or Fedex depending on which service is more cost effective.
* Specific shipping methods can be requested in the comments box at checkout.
* All international shipments are shipped using US Postal Service First Class Air Mail (<=4lb) or Priority Air Mail (>4lb).
* If there are any questions about our shipping rates, which are continuously monitored for accuracy, please contact us prior to ordering.

Pre-order Item Information
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* Pre-order items includes titles that are estimated to be released within about 1-2 months.
* As we do not attempt to profit on shipping rates additional shipping *may* be required if split or separate shipments are requested.

Note: At the time a pre-order is placed the item is charged for. There are several reasons for this policy;

* Security - We do not store your payment information past around 30 calendar days.
* Efficiency - We do not have to chase down valid or invalid payment methods when a product  is released which can take excessive amount of time.
* Payments - On average unpaid pre-orders have a ~25-40% failure to pay rate which can also cause us to be locked into excessive and unpaid for stocks of product when we place advanced orders.
* Delivery - We pay our suppliers/publisher contacts for most games at time of shipment so we need the funds up front for the products so we can receive them as quickly as possible.

Preorders can be cancelled within up to 30 days for a refund, after 30 days for store credit which can be applied at anytime for anything on our store or that we can order from our suppliers.

Please contact us prior to ordering if there are any questions.

Technical Support
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We will always give official prompt and professional replies to any technical support questions regarding our NWS products. We also try to give *unofficial* support for other products that we sell on our online store when possible including computer hardware technical support. We do have several experienced computer and software diagnostic personnel on our staff and we will be happy to try and help when and where we can. 

Return, Cancellation, and Exchange Policy
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* All returns or exchanges are handled on a case by case basis. 
* Cancellations or returns may incurr a 10% restocking fee, or 20% for special order items (Marked with a "*" on the store).
* Restocking fees may be incurred for any items already purchased for your order, ready to ship, or verified on order with a supplier.
* If an order is required to be delivered by a certain time frame please contact me prior to ordering for availability.
* If there are any problems or concerns please contact us at any time.

Software System Requirements
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For the system requirements for other software products please contact us directly and we can find the requirements for you based on publisher recommendations.

Privacy and Security Information
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Our online store and website are run on very secure servers. At NO time is your information EVER given out to any outside parties for ANY reason.

Special Ordering
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If you don't see a product on our online store that you are looking for then please contact us as we can update our online store very rapidly and we also respond to special requests normally within 24 hours or less. There is no extra charge for special orders or requests.

Customer Relations
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If there are any questions or concerns then please contact us and we will reply promptly. Our contact information is shown at the top of this web page. From all of us at NWS we thank you for visiting our online store and for your support. Every purchase helps us to bring you competitive prices, quality tech support, and more naval and military gaming products to the market.

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Take care.
Christopher Dean
NWS Wargaming Store